Saturday, 14 May 2011

Why I'm Supporting Swansea Tonight

Oh my goodness. Have I lost my marbles?

Here is my thinking.

I want a Cardiff V Swansea play off final. To get that, Swansea have to beat Nottingham Forest tonight and on Monday. So I hope Swansea win. And yet if Swansea lose, it will also take some of the pressure off Cardiff. It will also mean that if Cardiff win, they will have one-up on their rivals. It will also mean that if Cardiff lose against Reading (which they might well!) it won't be as bad if Swansea have already left the scene.

Yet I would really love a Cardiff - Swansea final... so I will be supporting Swansea tonight. Just don't expect that many tears if they lose!

(I wrote this on Thursday - but because I edited a label it switched to Saturday! As the Americans would say: 'go figure')

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