Monday, 30 May 2011

Swansea or Reading. Who to Support?

As a life-long Bluebird (for foreign readers that's a Cardiff City fan) I am perplexed over who to support this afternoon.

I thought I could be altruistic and support Swansea - for Wales, Welsh football, etc. after all the team waving the Welsh flags has to come before those waving the English flags?

But it could be too much to bear.

Listening to Radio Wales, and the Swansea fans are singing anti-Cardiff songs - even before their important match against an English club!

This morning I asked my boys who they would be supporting this afternoon, and they replied, instantly and unanimously, "Reading".

So, I guess "blood will out."

I think I will be quietly supporting Reading, but hoping that the better team win. If Reading win I will enjoy the schadenfreude of the whole situation (it will help that Cardiff will have been knocked out by the winning team), but if Swansea win I will enjoy them singing 'Hymns and Arias' even though it will mean me taking a lot of stick from my friends who are Swansea fans!

A teacher of one of my sons who is a rabid Swansea fan said that he feels the ref in the Cardiff-Reading game was biased, on purpose (not giving Cardiff penalties etc.) because the authorities did not want the headache of a Cardiff-Swansea final -- and that from a Swansea fan!

When I look back, although Cardiff players played with all the enthusiasm of a damp squid, they "was robbed" by some awful ref decisions -- and could it be that feeling that 'nothing was going right' for them, their heads dropped and they became defeatist?

Well, no use 'chewing the cud' let's just hope that we get a good game this afternoon and the best team wins. Hoping its Reading (the team that beat Cardiff!?!), but not too upset if it's Swansea. Honest. ;-)

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