Monday, 18 July 2011

Relative Confesses to Tramp Friend - On TV

Gandalf without the hat
I had a text the other day from a relative who shall remain nameless (hi mum) who had felt honour bound to confess that her friend was a tramp.

'That's no way to talk about dad' I thought. OK, he might occasionally walk sideways as he ambles down Albany Road, but let's have some respect here!

On closer inspection the text said her friend and neighbour was playing a tramp on the TV series 'New Tricks.'

He was seen drinking, abusing the police and throwing a brick, all very convincingly! I wonder if he had used any nearby people as role models? Was that a bag of reduced 10p doughnuts in his hand?

There was also an unkempt ex-tramp in a Catholic nursing home. So many role models in one episode. Did they give Old Pa Hurley any royalties???

New Tricks Episode 8.2


  1. We thought the nuns skirt was too short!

  2. Myself and Mrs H thought the same too. It looked wrong/silly/out of place. Bad research at the producers.


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