Monday, 25 July 2011

How to Embarrass a Teenager When it Rains

Our eldest approached me today to state that he was going out, and did I think he needed a jumper.

I stroked my chin, like a sage fathoming the mysteries of the universe, and gave my considered opinion "you should be alright because it's quite humid out, but it could cloud over and rain, so why not take a mac?"

This instantly aged me and he gave me a puzzled and bemused look which, in an instant, silently said (all at once):

"You are joking right?"
"With my street cred?"
"I'm not homosexual you know."
"I'm not entirely sure what a "mac" is but I assume you mean a jacket of some sort."

As he headed for the door with my words of wisdom ("be careful") wringing in his ears I called after him "but what if it rains?" (I know, how sad and old am I that I worry about such things on his behalf?).

"Don't worry," he said as nonchalantly as you like, "I'll phone mum and she can drop something off for me."

With the closure of the door I couldn't work out if his teenage brain had worked out a subtly funny thing to say to wind-up his old dad, or (used as they are to having mum clean up after them at every turn) he half-meant it. In reflection it was definitely the former because how "uncool" would it be to have your mum roll up to you and your friends carrying an "emergency jumper?"

However it didn't stop me thinking ahead for just such an occasion, and so I might, just might, purchase a suitable item of clothing for just such an occurrence:

OK. Such things cost money and so you and I know that the famous Hurley wallet will remain firmly shut (I am my father's son). But what a deliciously naughty and lovely idea.

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