Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Tale of Two Hurleys: Different by Degrees

Congratulations to Rachel Hurley - my niece - on getting her degree at Aberystwyth University!

And me with barely a CSE (yes that's in old money) from the kindergarten of hard-knocks.

Well done Rachel - you are an inspiration to us all.

A real, live graduate in the Hurley family. Who'd have thunk it?

In the meantime, South Wales Police (the rozzers) have put out a warning about a man claiming a false graduation status who has been called the "Pa Boswell Con Man of Cardiff."

The police have warned pub landlords to be aware of a septuagenarian with a shock of white hair going by the pseudonym "Happy Joe" who claims to be a graduate from the Brains Beer Academy & Taste Centre. He has been seen in the Roath area demanding free beer from bar staff.

In a particularly disturbing episode he was last seen being ejected from The Claude public house after flashing an ID Card (actually an OAP bus pass) to one of the clientele and asking that he be allowed to "test" his pint on behalf of "the Brainsh Acado... Acerda... Occor... er Shpecial Shchool." When refused he swung a Tesco bag (believed to contain multiple discounted doughnuts) towards the customer, missing him by several feet and sending 'Happy Joe' spiralling to the floor, from whence he was collected by the door staff and ejected.

The police have issued this photo-fit of the suspect:


  1. Well if anyone was feeling a bit down this blog of yours will certainly make them smile and laugh a lot.
    Rachel is the 2nd one though Michael got his degree 5 years ago. So 2 of them for us to beproud of.

  2. I just saw this comment on the American Chesterton Society website, from Daniel Collins, "Please, everyone who reads this, please pray to Chesterton for a miraculous healing of my Grandmother. She is very ill, and there is a problem in doing surgery.

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