Saturday, 7 May 2011

10p Doughnuts or 3p Crisps: The Tight-Wad Challenge is on!

Americans take note: this is a DOUGHNUT!
There is a person in my family who shall remain nameless - let's call him  "Mr. J  " - who is famous for tottering down the local high street of a Saturday night, just as the supermarkets close, only to pop in and buy a bag of doughnuts, reduced to 10p for the lot.

Oh how he boasts of this mighty feat! He is akin to a superhero taking on the might of the Supermarket (let's call it "Freschco's") and winning. He is known for never spending a penny. No, I don't mean like the Royal Family never spend a penny, I mean he is tight. Like a duck's posterior on water.

So this 10p for a bag of doughnuts has become a cri de guerre for Mr. J. Oh yes! He is proud of his great achievement. He is a mighty warrior in the crusade of saving money. He is the Spendthrift Superhero.

So imagine my joy on popping along to a car boot sale this very morning, only to find it less populated than normal (overnight rain and a light drizzle putting off the fair-weather sellers). There, one seller (purveyor of £1 bags of sweets and other goodies), was selling off his last few boxes of Walkers Crisps with the Red Nose Day special flavours.

So I purchased a box of 48 for £1.50. Tap, tap, tappity tap. That's me working out the sum. I make it a little over 3p a packet. Yes. Three of the queen's very own pennies per pack. Beat that one Mr. J!

OK, I may not have beaten "Freshco's" but come on... and I haven't given to Red Nose Day (I don't like them because they give money to some dodgy "causes"). The only bad thing is they have the militant atheist and ginger beer Stephen Fry on the packs. But hey, I don't have to look at the media-infestation that is Mr Fry as I eat the crisps!

So come on Mr.J! I lay down the gauntlet! Can you beat this bargain? Can you still lay claim to being the best hunter of bargains? The best Hurley tight-wad? I have usurped your crown! The challenge is open!

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