Monday, 23 May 2011

OBama's Irish Gift Hurley Stick

The Irish Teashop - sorry Taoiseach - Enda Kenny gave President Obama a Hurley stick today on his last day in Ireland, before he left to visit the UK (slightly earlier for fear of another Icelandic volcanic ash cloud).

Yes, we Hurleys know that our name comes from an implement that is quintessentially Irish, so much so that it was the obvious choice as the ultimate gift from the Irish leader to the American leader.

According to the Belfast Telegraph:

Holding the stick with two hands, Mr Obama said: "If members of Congress aren't behaving, give 'em a little paddle, a little hurl."
So raise a glass fellow Hurleys! Our name, our heritage and our fame spreads far and wide once again.

We all know that Obama is in Ireland to garner Irish-American votes for when he stands for reelection, but the image of an American president waving a Hurley stick will stick in many peoples' minds. And that can't be a bad thing.

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  1. It was certainly a good boost to Hurl makers, with a significant no. of tourists from America taking them back as gifts.

    I still remember being pulled over by the police in San Francisco, who were wondering who two men were carrying funny big sticks in to the park. Had to give them a little demo. They were quiet impressed.


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