Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cardiff Were Pants

Oh wow. I mean wow. In a bad way. In a very bad way.

Cardiff were bad last night. They played like a Sunday morning team sitting mid-table. Where was the determination? The will to win? Some of the mid-fielders were strolling around. I think some of them took picnics out with them.

In fairness the first two goals were down to luck - good luck/bad luck, and Cardiff were denied some penalties. But when it boils down to it the Cardiff team can only blame themselves.

Is it time for Dave Jones to go? Many will think so. I have defended him before now, but I think a manager with the strength needed to push the players when it's important (e.g. against Blackpool last year, and versus Middlesborough and Reading this year) could give Cardiff that extra yard they need.

I denied being a Cardiff fan thrice last night, then the cock crowed. Aye carumba.


  1. we concur then :(
    Here in Bridgend we have Swansea Jacks and Bluebirds, and the one are very happy and the other lot are hiding from them!

  2. oh yes. it was awful. When i see how ecstatic the Swansea Jacks are, you realise how much Cardiff have missed out on. Such a shame.


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