Sunday, 1 May 2011

Imagine Jobs for Yobs, or Work for Jerks

Oh well - munch, munch - someone's got to do it!
The other day we were all off "fishing" for tadpoles for our little pond. It was a sunny day and we've found a lovely spot, out of the way and quiet where we can fish for tiddlers, sit in the sun (when it deigns to appear) and while away a few hours.

Whilst there we decided that everyone should only work in jobs that rhyme with their surname, and so we would all have to work for Cadbury's, making Curly Wurlys.

Steve Jobs could work as a social worker ("Steve Jobs cures yobs"). Tony Blair could work at the fair (on the dodgems - he'd be good at that).

Lady GaGa could roll cigars. Colonel Gadaffi could sell salt taffy (that's one for Americans). President Obama could be a llama farmer. Angela Murkel could swim with turtles.

And Jeremy Hunt MP, has already been exposed on Radio 4... as Culture Secretary! ;-)

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