Sunday, 8 May 2011

Supporting Cardiff City: A Must for All Catholics

I had a most disturbing fact revealed to me this weekend. Our local parish priest is a Manchester United fan! I had my suspicions. At a conference some weeks back I noticed some icons on his laptop (emblazoned on the wall via a projector) of football games - and even though it was only a brief glimpse before the slide show began, I thought I saw a preponderance of Man Utd games...

Speaking to the priest this weekend I told him that suspecting him of being a Man Utd fan I had leaned to one of my children and whispered "if he's a Man United fan I may have to become a Protestant!"" Having a great sense of humour the priest burst out laughing.

The priest then said that following Manchester United was a Cross he had to bear. I didn't have the heart to tell him I'm a Cardiff City fan... that is some Cross!

Losing to Middlesborough! Only just drawing with Burnley. And finishing the league in fourth place under Swansea in third? Oh the shame! When we had all dreamed of a second place finish and automatic promotion!

Yes, if we are to think of supporting a football team in the terms of suffering on earth to gain awards hereafter, surely supporting Cardiff City should be a given for any good Catholic?

After the Cardiff Blues (rugby union) lost to the Scarlets on Friday I am inclined to think that several years of Purgatory must have been knocked off quite a few Cardiff fans over the weekend (unless they swore as they threw things at the TV, Radio or players!).

And so, it's Sunday lunchtime. The dust has settled. The tears have dried.

The Blues gave up any chance of glory, and now Cardiff City face the play-off semi finals against Reading next Friday (the day after Swansea play Nottingham Forest).

A friend of mine is a rabid Swansea City fan (I know - what can you do? Heresy is everywhere! But we should all try and help sinners convert). He also supports Man United, even sporting a tattoo of the team - is there no hope for the man? When I bumped into him in town this week he was cheering "come on the 'Boro!" much to my shame. But now we can only hope and dream that Swansea will beat Nottingham Forest in their two legs and Cardiff will beat Reading in theirs.

Cardiff fans after losing last years Play-Off final to Blackpool
Then we will have a play-off final at Wembley Stadium with Cardiff against Swansea - an all-Welsh final with one of the two rival teams guaranteed to get to the Premier League and play the likes of Man United next year!

Just imagine a Cardiff versus Swansea final! Oh the fun. As much as I am looking forward to such an event, I have to say my gut feeling is that Cardiff will lose - ether against Reading or in the final. Such is the plight of a Cardiff City fan.

I think I will have to convert the local priest.


  1. We have a MUFC supporter in our family,but like mu hubbie he also follows Cardiff.
    You think you have a hard time? I follow Hereford , Northampton and Kettering and Aylesbury as all count as Hometowns for me.You would think one of them would win sometimes

  2. Ah. There is a black sheep in every family. There is a MUFC fan amongst my siblings. Oh the shame of it all.


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