Thursday, 22 March 2012

Remembering T Hurley of Crumlin, One More Soldier...

The Crumlin War Memorial
On BBC Wales News tonight (Wales Today) there was a story about a war memorial in Crumlin, north of Cardiff. The metal plaque on the memorial was stolen, but luckily an elderly gent in the town had written down all the names and so the plaques could be recreated.

On showing the new plaque there right near the top (1914-18) was a T. Hurley (see pic at right, T Hurley is second from top, middle column).

How very sad that some low life thinks so little of the dead, of our history and of the sacrifices men made - to nick metal war plaques just for a few quid.

And so we can remember T. Hurley from Crumlin who died so many years ago.

I like to think as my famous rugby-playing great grandad Henry Huzzey came from Pontypool, just five miles from Crumlin, that maybe the Hurleys from Crumlin and the Huzzeys from Pontypool may have bumped into each other in the street once or twice... who knows?

Crumlin War Memorial Re-Dedicated

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  1. The War Memorials Trust will be sending 2 regional representatives to assess the memorial on Sat 2nd June at approximately 10am following a report concerning the condition of the memorial.

    If you are able to assist with any information about the memorial; it's history or any links with family still in the area to those names recorded we would be very interested to hear from you.

    The War Memorials Trust has assessed in excess of 50,000 memorials in the UK and it is our intention and mission to record the local relevance of these memorials for future generations as well as assisting with restoration or maintenance.

    The Gwent regional representatives are Colin Robins and Jon Williams who can be reached via or War Memorials Trust 42a Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0RE


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