Saturday, 10 March 2012

Alba or Erin? Let Battle Commence

Well Wales beat Italy, fairly comfortably. Yet it wasn't the steamroller game we were kind of hoping for. I congratulated some Italian friends because I thought Italy played very well, especially defensively.

I needed a bit of an uplift as I am currently chair bound, having woken this morning with terrible sciatic pains. There could be no pottering in the garden this morning and a long planned night out with chums has had to be cancelled. I am the sitting wounded, Deep Heat and ibuprofen doing not very much to remedy things to be honest.

You know you feel bad when you don't cheer (let along leap out of the chair) when Wales score a try.

So now I am sitting, immobile, waiting to see who will win between Ireland and Scotland. My usual loyalty to Ireland (the land of my Hurley ancestors) is countered by the support given to Scotland by our youngest who was born there, besides which (unless Wales or England are playing) I naturally side with the underdog.

But we shall see...

Will it be Alba gu Brath? Or Erin go Bragh? 

William Wallace? Or Brian Boru?

Carfin? Or Knock?

St Andrew? Or St Patrick?


  1. Hope your pain eases soon.
    Guess you know that it was Erin go Bragh!

  2. Thanks Fr. Yes, it's diminishing gradually. I think it'll wear off tomorrow.

    Ah yes Ireland won, but every time they play I feel sorry for Scotland. At least they are starting to score tries. They're not far off being a very good team.

    France V England tomorrow! Sorry to all the Saesnegs looking in (especially Mrs H!) but it's just second nature to support the other team.

    Between you and I, Mrs H will only cheer once the 6 Nations is over. She gets bored of me and my sons cheering, hollering, screaming and politely clapping every time Wales get into the oppo's 22.


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