Monday, 19 March 2012

The Laws of Nature and Our Bathroom

The universe has many laws. They are facts of life. The good Lord made them and we complain about their actualité at our peril.

  • We can rage against the law of gravity (and come down to earth with a bump). 
  • We can fool ourselves that we can stop or reverse the effects of ageing (and end up looking like a clown - or Joan Rivers).  
  • We can swear to break the Ten Commandments (and just become nasty, evil, twisted -- and often tediously boring).
The laws of nature are there for a reason. They stop us getting too big for our boots. They remind us that we are not godlike.

But there's one law in particular that we gents in particular can moan about, try and buck, but it will ultimately win through:
  • Ladies like to buy things. Oh yes they do.

Yes. While men tend to complain about the price of things, women like to buy things. Mrs H tends to leave me at home, at work, walking Patch or wherever when she goes shopping, because she knows that I will either moan and groan until she gives up, or I will keep looking over her shoulder saying things like:
  • We've got one (or two, three, four etc.) of those already.
  • What do you want one of those for?
  • How much?
  • It's not worth that much.
  • They make those for pennies.
Well, the other day Mrs H brought home some signs for the bathroom. All four-letters designed to place near the appropriate bathroom furniture where one does the appropriate ablutions.

Thankfully they couldn't thing of a four-letter verb linked with the toilet. Small mercies.

P.S. A Happy St Joseph's Day to Old Pa Hurley

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