Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Our Good Friend Pussykins...

Very sad news today, I'm afraid.

Our own family cat, the cat we chose at a rescue centre and the cat we all loved for so many years, Pussykins, died today.

She was run over by a works van going down our street, around 4.45pm.

A very kind lady stopped her car and gathered Pussykins up in her jacket and brought her to our house. One of the boys had, by pure chance, noticed our cat on the road and called out. I got to the front door just as the lady stood outside our gate with poor Pussykins.

She died as we stood there. It was a horrible moment and it sounds silly, but I really didn't know what to do.

Luckily Mrs H and the little one were out, so I had time to bury Pussykins and was able to break the news to them gently (you can imagine it was quite tearful).

Some will say "it's only a cat" and so she was, but she was our own family cat and we'll sure miss her purring and her miaows (they told us she was a "noisy cat" at the rescue home).

It is a sad, sad day in the Hurley household.


  1. Blessings and purrayers to you! we also love our pets and grieve when they die, a traumatic accident is an awful thing,thinking of you.
    (the best way to get over it in my book is to give a home to another shelter animal, I know some say they cant straight away, but I always have and its the best way to commemorate a much loved pet)

  2. So sorry to hear that - these creatures live and touch our hearts and bless us in their little ways.
    We had to bury one of our guinea pigs on Sunday evening. Poor little Albert had been failing slowly since before Christmas and despite all our best care he slipped away while we were out. His hutch-mate, Arthur, seems quite agitated and although I've said 'no more small pets' I may end up getting another companion for him as guineas are such social creatures. Like Pussykins Albert was VERY vocal and the delight he took at the prospect of a cabbage leaf had to be heard to be believed!
    It's a horrible feeling - one you can never get used to - and committing them to the earth is a sad old business. God bless.

  3. Thankyou both so much. I held it together OK yesterday, primarily because it all happened so quickly and I had to get her buried before our youngest got back from her violin lesson. She took it ever so badly. But today when the house was quiet I found I got quite upset - not seeing my little chum nestled in the window above the radiator! I didn't think I'd get emotive like that. I am an old softy after all ;-)

    I'm sure we'll get another pet [Mrs H was upset yesterday and said 'never again']. We still have our rabbit, fish and chickens - but there's nothing quite like a cat for that feeling of homeliness and comfort.

    God knew what he was doing when he made cats for our comfort.


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