Wednesday, 12 January 2011

HVP Huzzey: International Welsh Rugby & Baseball Player

My great-grandfather, HVP Huzzey, was not only the Shane Williams of his day -- a winger with a huge number of tries scored for his club (Cardiff RFC) and an impressive try-per-match record for Wales -- he also went on to score a large number of tries of Oldham RLFC (see previous post), and played international baseball.

This article, written by Howard Evans in the South Wales Echo on 30/12/2008, details HVP Huzzey's track record with Cardiff, Wales and Oldham.
"These days [HVP Huzzey] would be a world-beater..."

How strange to read that, in 1908, he played Baseball for Wales at the Harlequins Ground in Roath, playing fields where I would play as a child some 70-80 years later.

I recall climbing worryingly high trees there, fishing for sticklebacks, climbing to the disused old rail branch line from which you could look-over much of the industrial units of the Colchester Avenue area of Penylan.

Halcyon days!

Click on the image here to read the full article by Howard Evans in the South Wales Echo.

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