Monday, 17 January 2011

Calling All American Relatives!

It has long been known to me that a branch of my maternal family settled in America (initially a Huzzey, but the family name has changed since, via marriage).

I have noticed some visitors from the States looking up info on my maternal great-grandfather Henry Vivian Pugh Huzzey (the international rugby and baseball player) and can only surmise a possible familial link with these browsers.

So I'm asking anyone related to or descended from HVP Huzzey in the States: please do get in touch.

Please don't be put off by our links (through my in-laws) to Maynard in New England (I won't be any more precise for the shame!) -- he isn't a blood relative, more an in-law of the in-laws and so our mutual genetic codes are quite safe ;-)

It would be great to hear from some of our American cousins - literally or otherwise.


  1. The American spelling for a Huzzey is: Hussy and means "A woman of the night (not Knight). By the way, we here on the proper side of the pond decended from some of the better families in the UK but it was just that we were asked to leave, or exiled you might say, as someone got their hand caught, accidentially of course,in someone else's cookie jar or something.
    Of course, if you start doing research now, you'll find that all of those were false accusations and our DNA actually proves - eh... nothing. So what else is new?
    Here's to you as good as you are and here's to me as bad as I am,-- but as good as you are and as bad as I am. I am as good as you are as bad as I am.
    And.... don't ever forget,-- I drink to your health at parties - I drink to your health at home- In fact - I drink to your health so GD much - I've just about ruined my own.
    It all came down on September the 16, 1933, the day of days and the year of years. I sure have made my Mark in life. "X"

  2. I think they call that premature senile dementia, though in your case I think it is overdue (and then some).

    With these meanderings you are convincing others of the efficacy of sealing off New England for the sanity of the many.

    All for the greater good of course.

    God save us all from bad poetry (and bad whisky); and deliver us unto good poetry and good whisky.

  3. Hello Gareth. This is your cousin, Pamela, from the U.S. I've tried posting a couple of times and have had trouble doing so. Anyway, it's awesome to have found you and your mom. She's a wonderful lady! I've been looking for Huzzey relatives for almost a decade so this is really a big deal for me. I have to run. Until next time.

  4. Thanks Pamela. Wow. Great to hear from you. If you get the chance drop me a line via email. It'd be great to catch up on the family in America, its history etc. As you may know HVP Huzzey is quite well known over here and mor ethan a few people have come to this site via searches for him.


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