Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The March of the Romans

Our youngest is doing a school project on Rome.

If anyone out there has any hints, tips, pointers etc. please do drop me a line.

Better still any Roman or Italian looking in - please get in touch as your mundane  offerings could be a God-send.

It could be to do with Ancient Rome, Roman culture, the Vatican, modern Rome - her portfolio is quite wide.

Molto grazie!

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  1. I found great books in Rome earlier this month called something like "Rome Reconstructed": if you google it, some similar stuff comes up; reconstructions of now ruined buildings. Might be useful.

    History of Rome:

    (I found this site useful when preparing some stuff to take on a family trip to Italy a month ago)

    Internet sourcebook at Fordham has lots of stuff:
    (but depending how old daughter is, might drown in quantity of stuff - prps best to use secondary sources first and then maybe dig out the most interesting text quoted there)



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