Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Wild West Snow News

News from America from (non-blood!) relative Maynard:

When we returned from Florida this past Monday this is what greeted us as well as -3 degrees Fahrenheit or -20 deg Celsius. We had left 64 degree Fahrenheit and it was great. Almost a 70 degree difference. It has done nothing but snow since and the next two days we are supposed to get another 12 - 24 inches with high temperatures in the teens.  We Love It. 
Word is that things haven't been as frosty since the whisky ran dry in the Winter of '94.

Though apparently people in Florida have been celebrating for a few days for some reason...

British visitors/readers can only stare in wonder at the sight of U.S. rural roads cleared of snow in -20 temperatures and two feet of snow! Authorities here have a job clearing motorways and town centres in conditions half as bad.

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