Sunday, 20 February 2011

From Kinsale to Mumbles the Hurleys have Travelled

I had a pleasant surprise today, whilst visiting Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. Well, visiting one of their second homes. Well, in truth visiting the town where one of their homes is located.

My visions of grandeur ne'er cease.

On our journey to the seaside town of Mumbles (for thither we sojourned to partake the bracing sea air), I spied the sign welcoming visitors as they crossed the town's threshold.

It seems that the seaside town of Mumbles is twinned with the Irish port town of Kinsale, from whence my own paternal grandfather traveled to settle in Cardiff.

Then, just afterwards, strangely enough one of the family noticed a "Vivian Hall" building, Vivian being the name of my maternal grandfather.

The twinning sign itself boasted of a 'Britain in Bloom' award. Now if it were the Britain in Bloomers award, I know my Nanna Huzzey would have won that one! The sight of bloomers on her washing line was, as the family knew, a "sight for sore eyes!"

We didn't see Michael and Zeta, but it was still quite a day!


  1. You never fail to amuse us all on here with your quips and your wicked sense of humour. Yous Nans & Grandads would be so proud of you. Keep it up.!!

  2. Hi! Have you seen our proposal for a Holy Year for Nuns?

    We've be very glad if you would adopt it and promote it.

    We'd also love it if you could add us to your list of blogs.

    God bless you!

  3. Shandon - love your site and have linked to it on my blog. I love the work of Una Voce and all those who fight for Catholic Tradition.


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