Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Carwyn Jones: Is Libya on the Brink of Anti-Welsh Revolution?

As a young whippersnapper I would sometimes be found on the legendary Bob Bank cheering on the best team in the world.

Yes, Cardiff City.

As an old curmudgeon I now look on from afar, but the fortunes of the team still raise my spirits from time to time (or as often than not have me wondering at the vaguaries of the sporting professions).

One memory of those far off days (did they really play with a pig's liver?) was a certain chant.

Mr. Gaddafi wearing his Bluebirds colours
With the news from the Barbary Coast of North Africa and the Middle East of uprisings, rioting and general unquiet, I couldn't help but recall the football chant of the Cardiff fans:

"Gaddafi, Gaddafi, Gaddafi is a Taffy"

This of course at the time when Mr. Gaddafi was an international pariah.

One wonders what the football-going community (everything's a community today!) will make of this last week's events, and whether Gaddafi is still indeed a Taffy.

Will they bow to the demands of the uprising? Will they embrace some other world statesman who is currently, to borrow from Ireland's days of Imperial oppression, beyond the pale?

Perhaps more worryingly, is Mr. Gaddafi's Welsh heritage a factor in the violence - and if so will the Sennedd move to quell such blatant stereotypical discrimination?

Watch the news fellow Hurleys, Welshmen and all in between!

If you see evidence of inflatable sheep, cat-calls of "baaaa," or wheels of Caerphilly cheese being ceremoniously burnt on the streets of Tripoli: then we will know the awful truth!

Can someone notify Carwyn Jones? Better safe than sorry.

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