Monday, 11 April 2011

Sticky Willy Update: It Tastes OK

Pottering in the garden on Saturday, putting in a raised bed for the boss's vegetables and other assorted tasks, I took the plunge and actually picked and ate some cleaverwort (latest comment on my recent post calls it "wild sellotape").

It didn't taste that bad actually - I've had (and paid for) worse, and if it is medicinal I think I'll continue to nibble on the occasional fresh growth. After all (and you can tell my dad!) it's free.

I used to think the rapidly growing wildflower a bit of a pain; but now I'll look on it as free food for me and the chickens. And that's got to be good!


  1. I am filing away the info that the seeds make a good ersatz coffee, come the total disintegration of western civilisation as we know it,my family are going to need it!

  2. Just make sure you wash it down with a pint of Rev James!


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