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The Morning After Pill is not Contraception: It Induces Abortions

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The move of the Welsh government to allow the Morning After Pill to be dished out to under 16s should have us all concerned.

This is another attack on the family. Firstly it negates life. Secondly it means young girls can obtain abortion-inducing drugs, leaving their parents in the dark.

Make no bones about it: this is not "emergency contraception." Contraception (as its name implies) stops conception before the fact. This evil drug induces an abortion after the fact. Calling it "emergency contraception" is a lie - it is a maliciously conceived lie made to deceive the naive.

Aside from the insult to parents, this is yet another implicit message to our daughters that casual sex is "ok" because the powers-that-be provide, free of charge, all the opt-outs from the results of their actions (as if all this can be carried out in a moral vacuum).

What damage will repeated use of these abortion-inducing drugs bring about? Science is not infallible. Ask the users of Thalidomide.

Abortions are bound to increase because this drug induces abortions. Teenage pregnancies will increase because the green light is given, yet again, to immoral behaviour and not everyone will remember to go get their free abortion pill.

We often hear that STDs, abortions, teenage pregnancies and the other wonderful side-effects of this hedonistic age are on the increase, despite all the sex-education (starting at five years of age!), despite all the media and print material on under-age sex, despite all the free contraceptives, despite all the wide availability of abortion...

Now take out the word "despite" and replace it with the words "because of" and you have the answer.

Giving the green light to casual sex is like giving the green light to drug use. The "experts" like to tell us that education on this will reduce its usage. The facts scream otherwise.

One of my sons was told in class that heroin was bad, but cannabis was OK. I complained. The liberal idea was that if kids want to flirt with drugs, get them to flirt with "harmless" ones like cannabis.

Liberals just don't get it do they?

I am no prude. I do live in the real world. It's because I live in the real world and have seen the effects of these things that I get angry when I see the liberals pushing "lesser evils" to prevent "greater evils" -- in essence opening the door wide open to the greater evils because the young people indulging in the lesser evils will grow proportionally, and all too often one leads to the other.

I lost one friend to heroin, he went off to join the army and we lost contact. Years later I heard he died from a heroin overdose. I also know single mums who "chose" that lifestyle to get a free house, and I know those who have had abortions. I am not a hermit nor do I live in some kind of hermetically sealed bubble.

Nevertheless I know what I see happening and do feel honour bound to speak out. The people pushing this latest attack on the family are like those who passed the Abortion Act in 1967. Back then they said it would be a small amount of "terminations" carried out under strict circumstances (mother or baby's life in danger) with two doctors getting the say-so.

Today we have women pushed into abortions by angry boyfriends (sorry, "partners") and others having abortions because they want to go on holiday, or choose an abortion because they want a second car.

Now I know this is an emotive subject (it makes me emotional) and some readers may not agree. I don't care. I am not here to please you or salve your conscience. I am here to state what is true and to try and prick your conscience.

Abortion is murder, whether carried out on a 23 week-old unborn child that has its limbs ripped off or is burnt alive, or if carried out by some unthinking good-time girl at the chemist's counter.

That we, as a society, are promoting abortion yet again (and to the under 16s!), will merely increase the number of people indulging in recreational, casual, meaningless sex, as did the original legalisation of abortion -- which in turn will lead to more STDs, abortions, single mums, and all the societal evils associated with all of them.

We should expect better of our politicians: we don't from bitter experience, but we should.

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  1. Morale arguements aside we do not let youths under the age of 18 operate a credit card account nor do we legally recognise their ability to sign contracts or run for parliment. So if they now have the ability to contractualy engague in the termination of a process that will ultimately result in the production of a human being with the chemist and they can do all this before they are even eighteen it makes a mockery of all the other laws which are there to protect the inocent status of youth. It seems we now need laws to protect the inocent from the inocent.
    Stephen Smith


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