Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pod Poop: A Smelly Lesson for us All

Life is full of surprises. Many turn out pleasant, but sometimes... well, let's just say we get the 'mucky' end of the stick.

Some (English and American) relatives went to London once a few years back and queued up quite some time to go on the London Eye. On entering their pod a young family, with a baby, went in with them.

After they were sealed in their pod, for their hour long journey, the baby did an horrendous poop in his nappy and stank out the entire pod!

A time long planned of seeing the grandiose spectacle that is Westminster and London from a great height became a nightmare pongfest.

And isn't that a metaphor for life? Or at least those many parts of it that so quickly turn from being a long prepared occasion or a planned event, into a big disappointment?

Be careful what you wish for, lest your pod also be filled with the odours of a pongy nappy!

Here endeth the lesson. ;-)

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  1. We went on the "Eye" in 2001 as we had pre-booked we didn't have to queue and luckily our fellow passengers were all very unmemorable, but after being used to the views of the valleys and mountains of South Wales, London was frankly a let down, it was alright looking at Parliament for 5 minutes but after that it was ooh look more concrete and bricks!


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