Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Yellow Plaster Adventure

Some names in the following account have been changed to protect the innocent - and the guilty.

We were at our municipal leisure centre for our "early bird" swim, which we mostly spend in the training pool so the little one can improve her strokes. We also have a great game of piggy in the middle with a flotation-aid ball, as for the first half an hour at least we tend to get the little pool to ourselves.

Circa 20 minutes into our fun, one of the children - let's call him "Superboy" - asks aloud "has anyone lost a yellow plaster?"

We all stopped in our tracks and look at each other in a bemused way. After some face pulling, with the evidence being produced, another child (let's call him "the Inquisitor") asked why he had picked up a yellow plaster from the bottom of the pool.

Superboy replied: "because I thought it was a Maoam."

Cue fits of laughter. Isn't life sweet?

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