Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Travelling First Class with the Post Office?

Have you ever wondered why you pay extra for first class post? Or how the Royal Mail differentiates between the various rates?

The other day the post office was collecting the mail, so I helped the postie out with the sacks of mail.

After putting the mail sacks in the back of the van, I gave him an international registered package (to call it a parcel gets all convoluted as they have to go via Parcel Force... it's all very confusing).

Lo and behold, the postie said to me "I'll put that one on the front seat" - and so he did! It was placed with due care and diligence on the passenger seat.

In the back - must be standard mail.
I do not know if it was served drinks and canap├ęs on its way to the sorting office, nor if it was placed in a silk-lined box on its journey abroad, via Lord Sugar's private jet; but it certainly left this neck of the woods in some comfort.

It's nice to know that the Post Office cares, so the next time you splash out extra on first class post (I know I'm not addressing any male Hurleys here as it is counter intuitive for us to spend unnecessary money), rest assured that your mail will probably get treated nicely, even if it does still turn up late.

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