Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Story of Ireland on the BBC

Fergal Keane: Good Job... So Far.
There's a great programme about the history of Ireland put out by RTE and the BBC.

I've missed it on telly, but it is on BBC I-Player and well worth a watch (I just watched the first episode: where they said St Patrick was Welsh. Back of the net!).

If you get the chance have a look at it, the first episode was very interesting (that's not to say later ones won't be controversial, as they are taking quite a "revisionist" line).

Just search for Story of Ireland on BBC I-Player. It's presented by Fergal Keane (didn't he sing for the Undertones, of no I'm thinking of someone else - perhaps he played for Man United?) and well worth viewing.

Just goes to show the BBC doesn't need to make Eastenders and other brain dead drivel.

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