Saturday, 12 March 2011

She Hasn't Washed Since the 50's? What A Tommy Steele Kiss Can Do.

A vinyl recording from the 19th Century.
I received a rather disturbing email this week.

go to you tube to: - Tommy Steele "Singing the Blues"  and Bill Haley "Rock around The Clock"    and show the kids the music Nan loved and went to see them in Concert.

Tell them that Tommy Steele came out at the back of The Gaumont Cinema in Queen Street (Where Top Rank was afterwards) sang this song and kissed me on my cheek... told my friend Nesta I wasn't going to wash my cheek for a week!!!!!
They will wet themselves laughing at that..

Also Jim Reeves  I love you because and the special one of Nat King Cole singing "When I fall in Love"  Poppa ###* asked for this to be played on board the cruise ship for my Birthday he always says it was his song to me.............. Got the bucket ready!!!!!!! 
Indeed I have! I think it will have to be a vomit trough for the whole family though!

*I have deleted the name for his sanity, his good name down the Cons Club, and just in case I get sued (bad taste etc.)


  1. Ha ha this item is soooooo funny......
    But I bet you love your Mum loads and loads.


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