Saturday, 19 March 2011

Vive La France or Forza Italia? Depends if you Want Your Tea.

Sacre Bleu. Mamma Mia.
Last weekend I texted (!) an Italian friend on their magnificent win over the French rugby team.

He replied that he was very proud, but now his wife wasn't speaking to him.

I forgot his wife is French.

Oh oh.

I am sure he was pulling my leg, but it was a salient lesson on how rugby can divide families. Growing up in England, I wonder which team his children will support? Wales?

Stranger things have happened. Simon Danielli is playing today for Scotland and Luke McLean is playing today for Italy.

Vive La Différence.

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  1. the moment am with 2 welshmen cheering ireland..think Ill cheer france later!


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