Monday, 18 October 2010

Ostbattalions 439, 441 & 642 in Normandy, 1944

German Army Turkmen volunteers in Normandy
 According to one website, the German 716th Division had two 'Ost Battalions':

Order of battle (June 1944)
Grenadier-Regiment 726 (Ost-Bataillon 439 assigned as IV. Bataillon)
Grenadier-Regiment 736 (Ost-Bataillon 642 assigned as IV. Bataillon)

716th Infantry Division

According to another site, the 716th Division had three 'Ost Battalions':

The division consisted of:
• Infantry: two Grenadier Regiments (726. and 736.). They were also assigned three Ost-Battalions, who were poorly armed and trained (439., 441. and 642.).

716th Infantry Division

Another site - a forum - also cites the 439, 441 and 642 being in Normandy.
This forum also discusses the capabilities, uniforms, armaments of the 'Ostruppen.'

Ostruppen in Normandy 1944

Unless I can get someone who knows of a German-language source to find out which troops were in Hauger on the 7th of June 1944, it may be through Para veterans or similar I can find out more...

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