Monday, 11 October 2010

Does Beery Obesity have a Positive side?

In this age of binge drinking, alcho-pops and the associated anti-social behaviour, one wonders if a beery diet can ever be a positive thing, especially in light of the obesity endemic, which seems to worsen with every newspaper headline read.

With drunkards fighting policemen in Cardiff's St Mary's Street and Swansea's Wind Street, and the impact on the NHS of beer-related injuries (in A&E) and the long-term health effects of obesity... there can't be much of a plus side can there?

Well aside from the education bestowed on anyone who will listen by "fat bloke down the pub" on almost any subject, which invariably turns out to be completely factual regardless of what common sense might dictate (viz 'dogs can't look up' from the film Sean of the Dead), there may be one plus side of the dual assault on taste and decency.

As many people seek to save carbon footprints for some obscure reason, the money saved making tables for pubs and the home by employing fat blokes can only help the whole world, and provide gainful employment in these straitened times. Perhaps Brains beer might pay for suitable advertising (akin to beer mats)? We could even save the rain forests.

Al Gore will be pleased!

P.S. For any worried readers the above gent, contrary to evidence to the alternative, is not a relative.

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