Sunday, 31 October 2010

Another Hurley Village, This Time in Warks.

Hurley Post Office, Warwickshire
I was surprised to come across a place called Hurley in Warwickshire the other day (in my 'day job').

I knew of Hurley in Berkshire, as I lived nearby for some years and always smiled when I saw the road sign for 'Hurley.'

Hurley in Berks probably grew up (or at least simply grew) around Hurley Priory, a Benedictine House, founded in 1086 and so obviously a Norman foundation.

As of yet I do not know how these two very English towns got their (Irish sounding!) names, but I will report back to you if and when I find out any more info.

The second link below details more of the history of Hurley, Berks., including St Birinus (700 AD) and the  founding of the Parish Church, much more on the Priory (inc the location of the Sanctus bell) and even some info on the (misnomered) "glorious revolution" of the imposed King, William III (boo).

Hurley, Berks.
History of Hurley, Berks
Some great memories of Hurley, Warks.

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  1. I live in the village and all i can tell you is that the houses in the village were mainly built to house the workers at Dexter Colliery witch got shut down in the late 1960's


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