Saturday, 2 October 2010

Elizabeth Hurley: Now She Too Can Answer 'Yes' to That Question

All my life -- well since she became famous -- people have asked me (signing forms for the postie, at the doctors, in work, meeting new folks etc. etc.):
"Are you related to Elizabeth Hurley?"

To which I used to sigh, and resignedly respond "no."

Then just a few short months ago my long-suffering father (unofficially the biggest Brains SA sponsor in Wales) told me that we actually were related to Liz Hurley! He had discovered that she was his second cousin or thereabouts.

So now when I am asked the fateful question, I smile and say "yes."

It doesn't half take the wind out of their sails when this normal Welsh bloke (albeit with a certain charm and charisma) turns out to be related to the rich and famous.

The last person to ask me was a Pakistani locum doctor who I'd never seen before, and it was funny to watch his response.

So yes fellow bloggers, fellow Hurleys and all you various hangers-on I am sure that from now on when people stop her in the street, Liz can proudly answer:

"Yes - I am related to Gareth Hurley."

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