Friday, 1 October 2010

Give me 38 Grand and I'll Happily Spend It

The Irish government has bailed out the banks, again.

It's getting a bit repetitive isn't it?

38K Euros per head of population to the banks? Wouldn't it kick start the Irish economy more if they gave 38K to each Irish man and woman?

They would:

  • Spend it. Businesses would get an income and then bank it; or
  • Just bank it.
The people would get a lift, businesses would potentially benefit, and either way the banks would get the money anyway.

In fact, why not just issue the 38K per person as vouchers that must be spent with Irish businesses, rates etc. and that could only be banked in the problem banks.

Then you would guarantee the banks in trouble would get help, and you would help the 'normal' folks.

Too much common sense?


Common sense doesn't seem to register in these days when the Emperor is just so very naked.

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