Tuesday, 31 July 2012

18 Years and One Day

I survived yesterday. "Why so?" you ask!

Because it was Monday? No.

Because two lots of software were playing up in work? No.

Because it was the start of Week 2 of the kids' school holidays? No.

All these added to the occasion of course.

No I survived yesterday because it was our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

18 years ago in St Peter's Church (yes that one! -- in Cardiff) myself and herself ("Mrs H") tied the knot, and we signed the marriage documents as Ave Maria was sung.

Now here we are 18 years later and our eldest has just turned 17 and is taking his driving lessons, with another child just leaving high school and another just leaving junior school.

We've lived in a few different properties in three different countries (England, Scotland and Wales) and there's been lots of ups and downs, excitement and anguish along the way.

So here we are, 18 years on. God willing there'll be another 18 years and more.

So thanks Mrs H for putting up with me.

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