Thursday, 5 July 2012

What a week! Birthday, Driving, Proms (oh and a Dead Chicken)

Going grey - me and George! (there the similarity ends)
This week we've had or will have:

  • one child's (16th) birthday.
  • one child started his driving lessons (second one today).
  • one child's prom for leaving junior school.
  • one child's prom for leaving high school (as Head Boy).
  • one child's participation in a school music concert.
  • and (just into next week) a Grade Three violin exam.

On top of all the other usual chaos of family life (and preparing a first VAT return! yikes!)

And we lost one chicken at the end of last week to a fox (tunnelled into the run, broke off the 'egg basket' lid - now nailed down). It was one of the speckledys...

It's been quite a busy time! if I have a few more grey hairs than before, well, no surprise.

And the baby goldfish in the pond are getting bigger - about an inch and a quarter long and now more grey than black.

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