Tuesday, 17 July 2012

London 2012: Pay the Soldiers the G4S Millions

The G4S "omnishambles" for the London 2012 Olympics shows that reliance on Big Business is not good enough for a government.

They always have their 'eyes on the prize' and cut corners to make extra money.

We now have semi-literate 'security staff' and people not even turning up for work.

The government paid G4S hundreds of millions of pounds! They could have given half that money DIRECT to soldiers and let them earn overtime and see the games.

Now they wont get the bonuses so beloved of big businessmen - they'll just lose their holidays.

If it's good enough to pay millions to G4S then it should be good enough to pay the servicemen millions too-- especially as many face an uncertain future.


  1. Just been to see the torch, well it went passed here. Do see the update on the Chesterton Pilgrimage, I'll need to jog the first part now!http://www.justgiving.com/Stuart-McCullough

  2. It's me again, I don't use FaceBook. You've been Married 18 years, Mrs H you are a Martyr!!!!!!! And getting married in Cardiff, that was brave, even braver as the best man was only 8 at the time!

  3. That would explain why he forgot the rings! ZOIKS!


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