Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Media Really is Nothing to Shout About

More shouting - But is it news?
The other day I went on an email website, the kind that has news stories on its home page.

On this day the news in question was that 'Bianca' on Eastenders loses her temper and shouts at someone else on Eastenders.

Quite aside from the apparent dearth of crime, economics, politics, sport or other news stories of varying degrees of importance, I am left wondering:
  • Is what happens on Eastenders really news?
  • Even if it is - is someone shouting on Eastenders really newsworthy?
  • And if it is - what does that tell us about the media?

Tolkien Documentary Shows What Media Could be
On a recent superb documentary about JRR Tolkien's Catholicism (yes I watched it - thanks Stuart!) we were warned that the palantir which presented twisted and evil facts to Denethor leading him to be demoralised, surrendering to evil and ultimately taking his own life, was akin to (and translated directly into English as) television.

When I think of the impact documentaries such as that on Tolkien have, it makes me realise the good that the media could do; but when I think of Eastenders and the reporting of it in the media I am reminded that all too often it falls far short of any form of decency, and pushes rubbish.

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