Friday, 13 April 2012

Kebabs and Pillows: Must be Camping

Who says modern kids are spoilt or the "X Box generation" don't get out climbing trees, jumping streams and picking flowers off roundabouts for their mums (sorry mum, it's the thought that counts).

Son 1 and Son 2 went camping with their chums this week (it being school hols). It turns out that the Spirit of Bear Grylls hasn't quite reached our neck of the woods yet.

  1. Dad's Taxi was on hand to ferry them and their kit to within yards of the chosen site.
  2. When I asked what was in one large bag I was told "pillows" - which takes roughing it to a whole new level.
  3. They had kebabs delivered to the site later that night to top-up their nosh, which included Super Noodles in Tupperware boxes.

Life on the edge eh?

This must be the new trend of "glamping," apart from the fact they were in a woods behind an industrial estate and looked like death-warmed-up (with a strong whiff of campfire) when Dad's Taxi rolled up to collect the intrepid survivalists next morning, to deliver them home for showers and a day in bed!

There's only so much pushing things to the limit that teenagers can take!

I'm so glad I can be a middle-aged curmudgeon and leave camping to the younger generation, which even with added pillows and kebabs, holds no sway over me.

You can't beat a comfy bed, a fridge, lights, a good film, slippers, a spare fridge and a non-smelly heat source for a good night!

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