Saturday, 21 April 2012

Capping Donations

In light of the debate raging betwixt the Labour and Tory parties, can I just say here and now that I am perfectly happy for anyone wishing to donate funds to this blog (aka Get the Bills Paid and Anything Left Over to the Hurley Holiday-Every-5-Years Fund) to be capped at £5,000.

If only so that I feel I am setting an example.

£5K would certainly be enough to earn a place at the Hurley kitchen table (fish on Fridays).

You can even stroke Patch the Dog (50p per stroke) - pictured.

Never let it be said I'm not willing to help our politicians reset their "moral compasses" ( for a minimal fee).

I'm not so much a 'taxi for hire' as a rusty old bike lent up against the railings that you might get a few hundred yards out of before the chain comes off.

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