Sunday, 26 February 2012

It was All so Nearly 3 out of 3: Cardiff City the "Almost Men"

Oh dear. My ruse of supporting the "oppo" (see last post) nearly came off; but not quite...

Wales were victorious on the rugby pitch, in the boxing ring... and almost - against all odds - on the football pitch.

If anyone says I was wearing a blue and white jester hat, screaming till I was hoarse as Cardiff scored right at the end of extra time, then don't believe them.

Of course having supported Liverpool in my ruse to let Cardiff win (and I honestly thought Cardiff would lose), it seems it had the desired effect and Cardiff nearly, nearly won... oh so nearly.

After England v Wales and Liverpool v Cardiff I think I need a lie down in a darkened room for quite a few days. My Auntie Mary, the gun-totin' fighting nun from the posh end of Fairwater "texted" me as they were visiting relatives and she said they were all crying in their beer.

I think Old Pa Hurley will be wearing a black armband on the next few visit up the Cons Club. Perhaps they will discount a few pints of Brains Dark to lift his spirits.

In a cup final it is all or nothing, but Cardiff City did very well and ended an heroic Welsh weekend in a way we'll all remember. Even if they are mostly Scottish.

Oh well. It's only sport after all. A nice cup of Glengettie Tea to sooth my sore throat (from gentle cheering and polite clapping for Liverpool and England of course) and I'll be ready for another week of 'normal' work and family shenanigans and adventures.


  1. Keep taking the medicine :-)

  2. Cardiff City are the perfect team for Catholics - all those years off Purgatory for time already served.


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