Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ash Wednesday, Lent, Rugby & Brains Beer

Not much going on lately. Lent has started and so choccies, sweeties, beer, ice cream etc. are out the window. I even got through Ash Wednesday's fast relatively unscathed. Funny thing was we went to the chippy after Mass last night to get some chips to share, and as with last year, forgot we had bold black crosses on our foreheads. But I think the chip shop staff are used to us being senile and nutty in equal measure.

I never know the "done thing" with the ash crosses. Are you supposed to wipe them off swiftly? I think doing that it's almost like you're ashamed of them - but then to stroll about with them for too long might look like you're trying to be a bit 'holier than thou.'

In the end I forgot again (no surprise there!) when I got home and washed it off just before bedtime when I was brushing my toothypegs.

I must admit that I usually embark on Lent a quite cautiously as a bit of a chore, but this year I'm looking on it as an opportunity - if only to fight the dreaded middle age spread. And not digging in for choccies and crisps today did make me feel a bit better.

I may have to contact the WRU though, as their habit of holding the Six Nations during Lent isn't conducive full enjoyment. As Wales travel to London to (hopefully!) beat England in the home of English rugby I will just have to cheer them on from my favourite armchair with a nice cup of Glengettie Tea.

I'm just hoping that come Sunday when Cardiff play Liverpool I'm not going to be in a situation where I miss my pint of Brains to cry into...

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