Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Big Needle Paul? Quit Your Jibber Jabber Fool!

My nephew Paul took my great nephew (oh he's his son too I s'pose)  Alex for his first injections.

Here's the report that came back to me from my spy:

"Baby Alex had his first jabs today, Paul had to leave the room when Dr got needle out!!!!!~~~~~~~~~ so Dr gave Paul a sticker for being a brave boy!!!"

You wouldn't think such a 6-foot something strapping young man with a close friend professional rugby player would be such a wussie.

SAS Eddie says that severe action may need to be taken in a 'Black Hawk Down' stylee.

My spy - code name "Old Ma Hurley" - finished her encoded message with this:

"So many times he has passed out seeing injection needles. "

Imagine our heroes, in Elizabethan England, Ireland and Wales facing the 'rack and rope' simply for having a priest visit or attending a secret Mass, being afraid of a little needle... they wouldn't have lasted very long.

Where's Mr. T when you need him?


  1. Soooo funny, Paul will love it!!! Gives you a smile and we all need that on these freezing days xxxx


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