Monday, 9 January 2012

Salad Bar Tower of Babel - Sorry I am an Amateur

It's been many moons since I've set foot in Pizza Hut. Most of 2010 I couldn't eat anything because of major surgery. Funnily enough the last meal out before I was rushed into hospital was a parish St Patrick's Day do. Since then, plus I suppose the mindset of the 'credit crunch,' I've been a little more choosy where I eat out, not that we do that often because of family commitments etc. etc. Anyway, the upshot is I haven't seen the inside of a Pizza Hut for at least two years, despite the special offer emails they send me quite regularly.

When the children were younger they used to enjoy going to Pizza Hut, and there was one bit that used to make their faces light-up. Back then you could only get one bowl of salad (I think it's unlimited now). SO I used to have a system of placing cucumber slices along the edge of the bowl, to make the sides higher, then I would used tomato slices, lettuce leaves and similar to build up the sides as I filled the bowl. It generally meant that I could fill three-times the usual amount of salad in one bowl. Mmmmm. Lots of sweetcorn, bacon bits and other goodies.

The children would smile and clap as I moved seamlessly back to the table and carefully placed my leaning tower of salad down! I thought it was quite a feat! I could imagine Old Pa "10p Bag of Doughnuts" Hurley getting a strange feeling of well being, an out-of-the-blue flush of satisfaction at that precise moment.

Oh at one time I may well have thought I was the king of the salad bar, but there are some shameless experts out there that put my puny efforts in the shade:

Look at that graphic imagery! Can it be real? It's a veritable Tower of Babel compared to my puny efforts. I just wonder now how the newspapers found out about this "Beat the Buffet" salad tower. Is Old Pa Hurley letting his trade secrets slip?

In the meantime, I can't see me going back to a Pizza Hut in any great rush, but should I do so, I don't think even I would have the brass neck to try and pull off the Tower of Babel trick.

I know, I know... Oh Old Pa Hurley! I... [tears are welling up] I've let you down so badly. That I should be so profligate. Oh the shame. Treachery in our midst.

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