Monday, 16 January 2012

Lasagne, Wales and Y Ddraig Goch

Nice tea tonight. Lasagne. Mmmm. The Romans gave us so much! Great food. Roads. Catholicism. Central heating. Rugby. OK I made the last one up, but those jolly Romans gave us so much.

Even Wales. Yes, Wales.

You see the Celtic Britons in modern day Wales were so fierce the Romans let them have their own armed forces. Therefore when the Saxons came, first as mercenaries, they weren't needed here. Then when the Saxons invaded they only got as far as... Well you know the rest.

Some say the Red Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch) of Wales was the symbol of the Celtic (Welsh) Roman Legion based in Wales.

Also the word Welsh comes from the Germanic word for foreigner or Roman and was used against the Welsh, Belgians (Walloons), Romanians/Dacians (Wallachia) and even the Italians themselves - all considered frontiers of the Roman Empire to the Germanic tribes.

So did the Romans give us our flag, our name (in English), our current national borders, and our historic Faith?

And Lasagne! Yum yum.

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