Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ex-Cardiff City Player to Become Catholic Priest? A Match Made in Heaven

Possibly Cardiff City's first player-priest?
The superb Welsh blogger "A Reluctant Sinner" - who made it into the top 10 most influential Catholics in the Catholic Herald's recent list - has posted about the story of a footballer who has decided to try his hand at becoming a priest (see story here).

A Reluctant Sinner reports that Belfast-born Philip Mulryne used to play for Norwich (team of famous Catholic chef Delia Smith) and Manchester United, who are supported by my big brother.

On reading his name I thought.... that rings a bell, and sure enough the Irishman used to play for Cardiff City!

So if he becomes a priest, who knows... perhaps an ex-Cardiff player at the seminary might already mean "we" stand a chance against Liverpool in the League Cup final? Maybe even promotion?

The other day our local priest reminded us that he was a Manchester United fan. I recalled the first time I found this out. What  a shock. Is this the creeping liberalism of Vatican 2?

Now far be it from me to cast aspersions about a team that started off (like Liverpool and Celtic) as a Catholic team, but I must check through some more encyclicals to see what the Popes say about those who do not support Cardiff City.

I think like smoking it won't stop someone from becoming a Saint, but it will be a little black mark in their copy book.

So who knows, if he becomes Fr Philip Mulryne the very fact that he played for Cardiff City may mean he is marked for great things. In memory of his Irish roots and his time in Wales he may even choose the name of the great Welsh Saint, Patrick, if he makes it as far as the Seat of St Peter.

But it's early days yet. Let's just pray and hope that the seminarian becomes a priest, and that Cardiff City win a few more games than they lose.

Daily Mail on Philip Mulryne

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