Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots in London - Very, Very Sad

What sad, sad news coming out of London the last few days and especially last night. You have to feel sorry for the small businesses wrecked, the poor people whose homes were burnt, and as reports of muggings and worse flood the net one has to wonder what on earth London has become!

Having lived in London, if briefly, I was always aware of the possibility of crime, and on dark side streets or if a gang was near, you tended to be aware, but this is unreal. Visiting the Imperial War Museum with the sprogs a couple of years back we saw a police notice about an "Operation Trident" gun crime. Unbelievable.

Old Ma Hurley says there are rumours of people planning looting in Cardiff. I just hope Old Pa Hurley isn't forced to join vigilantes in the alleyways of Roath, bag of 10p doughnuts used as a mace.

But seriously I feel so sorry for the people of England. They must look on their capital and weep at what it has become. I know it sounds trite or like purple prose, but this is a Godless society with little or no family structure, sense of right and wrong, sense of duty, sense of belonging, sense of responsibility.

Absolutely shameful.

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