Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy Feast of the Assumption to Cardiff City: Top of the League!

Oh happy day. Oh blissful season! Not only is today the Feast of the Assumption (well, really it's tomorrow - the 15th a public holiday in many countries, but the Church here is a bit lazy and moves it to the nearest Sunday), but Cardiff City are sitting atop the Championship League.

I know it can seem a little sacrilegious to bring religion into sport, but as Cardiff supporters used to sing on the Bob Bank, the Pope supports Cardiff. Which must be true if the supporters sang it surely? Now we have a different Pope, and perhaps Austrians and Poles are chalk and cheese, but I would like to think His Holiness would also support the best team in the world!

So here we are! All honour and glory to the Queen of Heaven (Regina Coeli) and all thumbs up and polite applause to Cardiff City. Only a handful of games to go... 8-)

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