Monday, 21 January 2013

BBC & British Media Ignore French Rally

An estimated 1.2 million French (some say 1 million, others over 1.3) marched in Paris to say an emphatic "no" to changing marriage in French law.

That's 1 in 52 Frenchmen marching to defend the family and the sanctity of marriage.

The BBC all but ignored this huge event.

Today in America circa 750,000 people have gathered to witness the inauguration of the pro-abortionist Obama.

That's 1 in 410 Americans gathering to watch a blowhard deliver empty words and clich├ęs about equality, feminism, "gay" rights and so on.

The BBC is covering this non-event in-depth, live on TV and radio, and to be repeated on each and every news bulletin.

Are 750,000 (1 in 410) Americans more newsworthy than 1.2 million (1 in 52) Frenchmen?

Or is this because the BBC loves the message of Obama (pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, anti-family) as opposed to those of the massed ranks of the French (pro-marriage, pro-life and pro-family)?

Yet again, the BBC shows its true colours.

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