Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Are Homos Outsiders in the Acting World? Really???

I feel like a moan. So here goes.

Listening to Radio 5 as I worked this afternoon there was an interview with Rupert Everett concerning his play about Oscar Wilde. Asked if he thought of himself as an "outsider" Everett said that as a "gay" man in acting he was indeed an outsider.

Pardon me?

If there is one profession choc full of homosexuals (other than parliament and rent boys) it is surely the acting profession, wherein to promote homosexuality is not only the dysfunctional de rigeur norm, but is almost a legal requirement! Does Everett really think that being against homosexuality would win you any plaudits or roles in his monde? Get a grip! Another pretentious old queen with a persecution complex.

There. I feel better now! Time for a cuppa in my Cardiff City mug. Top of the league!


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