Thursday, 16 June 2011

There's Species Mutation in Our Garden

Yes. Some of our tadpoles have already changed into wee frogs. We were very excited to see many of them clustered at the edge of our pond, and days later after a downpour they were pottering around the garden, meaning we had to tread carefully.

Despite being little frogs, they can move quite fast when the mood takes them, so I was chuffed to see this one sat on a water lily leaf. Scuttling off to get my camera (I know - the children mock me for not having a phone with all the bells and whistles like theirs), on my return he was still there and so here's a pic of our reptilian friend.

Having tadpoles in our man-made pond is great fun and seeing them swim around and change into frogs is very therapeutic. I highly recommend it!

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